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O = Organism, the individual, the child

R = Response, reactions from the individual/the child

S = Stimuli, incentives that reach the child

H = Human, the mediator, the teacher, the parent

Is a goal-orientated and structured interaction between a mediator and a mediated person, leading to:

developing learning dispositions within the mediated person so he benefits optimally from his experiences and so in the end he can cope with and anticipate adequately to future (learning) situations
developing cognitive and meta-cognitive skills so the mediated person will be a self-regulated, autonomous and responsible person


being able (having the skills to show particular behaviour, can do it)
being sensitive (being sensitive for a situation in which the behaviour can
be appropriate, feel it is the right time and place to do it)
willingness (wanting to show the particular behaviour, want to do it)
being active (really doing it, do it)