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Mediated interaction

The thoughts behind Mediated interaction

  1. The pupil is ‘the director’
    • The pupil himself decides on the steps of his learning process
    • He himself is responsible for this process and by being a part of the team he himself acts upon it
  2. The interaction is focussed on the learning- and development process of the pupil (emancipation)
  3. The interaction focuses as much as possible on using and expanding the (natural) networks from the pupil
  4. (integration)
  5. Pupil and teacher have a shared/joint idea on the knowledge and skills of the pupil
  6. The interaction focuses on making what’s learned available for others

Starting points of Mediated interaction

  1. Starts with making contact/connect
  2. Has to affiliate…….
  3. Is based on trust and the willingness to takes risks
  4. Is goal-orientated, has focus
  5. Is based on equivalence; functioning as a team
  6. Demands of both a (self) reflective attitude
  7. Comes to a shared analysis on the basis of reciprocal adequacy
  8. Mediation is
  • is a reciprocal process
  • is an approach based on questions
  • is focussed on transfer of feelings of competence
  • invites each member to think ‘one step further’
  • takes into account the social-emotional development
  • is focussed on developing cognitive and meta-cognitive functions
  • adheres to the criteria for a qualitive interaction: the mediation characteristics