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Vision on development

A framework for implementing Mediated Learning

  1. A human being is an open system
  2. A human being is modifiable/ a changing entity
  3. There are no (preset) limitations to the development of a person
  4. A feeling of safety is the starting point for modifiability/change-ability
  5. Each person develops himself on the basis of interaction
  6. Interaction is a reflective process where unequal members communicate on the base of equivalence
  7. It is impossible not to communicate
  8. Facilitating self-development forms the intentionality of interaction
  9. Self-development takes place within a specific time and place framework: a culture
  10. Self-development is about taking a chance to discover the yet unknown
  11. A further step within self-development, can only take place if the previous one has reached inner disclosure in terms of words and feelings
  12. Directing the process of self-development is the person developing