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Building blocks

The building blocks of thinking
Cognitive tools

Reuven Feuerstein

  1. In the opinion of Feuerstein people have the possibility to optimise their cognitive functioning if they participate in specific interaction (arranged by the mediator)
  2. This change/modifiability is caused by mediation which brings the pupil in the zone of proximal development
  3. Through mediated learning experiences each individual develops effective thinking skills and develops to be a self-regulated, autonomous and competent learner

Carl Haywood
Cognitive functions are processes that are so fundamental that they have to be used to understand and learn from a wide variety of events and facts.
Each one of us has a kind of cognitive toolkit with instruments (thinking aids) which are essential for learning
When the pupil engages in a task, we can put the cognitive functions into the next scheme:CF en Emiel tbv website

Acting strategically
Thinking aids / cognitive functions

Meta-cognition – self direction
Domain specific knowledge & procedural knowledge

Emiel van Doorn